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Business Writing

Achieving good communication through effective business writing


Good business writing is key to so many business transactions, both internal and external, and can make or break your professional reputation. Getting it right is crucial to building strong relationships with your colleagues, clients and suppliers.

Although written communication is part of our everyday working life, many of us don't feel confident when it comes to putting our ideas down on paper or screen; indeed, many of us are unable to adjust our writing style so that it is appropriate for the situation and the reader.

Business Writing can help you to write with a clarity and confidence that leaves a lasting positive impression. The training can also help you to implement a standard writing style in your organisation.

Course Outline


  • What are the characteristics of a good business writing style?
  • How to create a corporate image
  • How to achieve clarity and brevity
  • What factors to consider before you start to write
  • How to build a logical structure
  • How to address your readers needs
  • How to establish and build rapport
  • How to ensure that your reader keeps reading
  • How to use punctuation
  • How to close your documents to create a positive impression
  • How to avoid redundant phrases, unnecessary jargon, clichés, biased language
  • Analysing, editing, proof-reading, summarising
  • How to write effective memos
  • What are the dos and don'ts of writing e-mails