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Coaching Skills

The importance of coaching to guide and inspire your team members


Coaching is an essential skill for today's managers. By employing a range of coaching skills, you can develop the confidence and ability of team members, helping them to achieve their full potential.

Course content

This workshop will help managers develop the skills and techniques required to be an effective coach in the workplace.


  • What is coaching – dispelling the myths
  • What advantages does coaching have over other methods of instruction?
  • How to deploy coaching skills to achieve your goals
  • What is the GROW coaching model?
  • How to apply the GROW model to reinforce learning
  • How to link good questioning to coaching
  • What are the types of questions you can ask?
  • How to use coaching to motivate

During the workshop, a practical coaching model is introduced and explained. Participants are invited to work through the GROW model and to create a development plan.