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Managing Complaints and Grievances

Helping you to manage and contol grievance situations


Complaints and grievances can be raised at any time on any issue - and they can often result in a considerable amount of work, not to mention concern. So it's essential that managers can deal with them in a fair, consistent manner.

This practical half-day workshop uses a mixture of discussion and case studies. It explains what is meant by the term 'grievance' and considers what courses of action you can take if a complaint is raised in the workplace.

Course Content


  • What is the difference between a concern, a complaint and a formal grievance?
  • What should you do if a member of staff raises a concern?
  • How can you encourage discussion?
  • How can you manage disputes between members of staff?
  • What techniques can you use to resolve concerns?
  • How can you use mediation?
  • What is a formal grievance?
  • What procedures should you follow?
  • What constitues a fair process?
  • How can you investigate a grievance?
  • What rights does an employee have during a grievance process?