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Diversity Workshop

“We inhabit a universe that is characterized by diversity.”Desmond Tutu


Over the last few years there has been increasing awareness of diversity in the workplace and the variety of skills that people can offer. Understanding diversity can pay dividends to your organisation. By listening to people with different cultural, social, ethnic or educational backgrounds, we can better understand their needs.

As well as explaining the relevant legislation, this course demonstrates how the principles of diversity can be harnessed to make a happier, more productive workplace.

Course Content


  • How has society changed and what are the implications for the workplace?
  • What is the relevant legislation and what are its effects?
  • How should you review your organisation's policies in the light of legislation?
  • What is the difference between direct and indirect discrimination?
  • What are the consequences of stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination?
  • When and how should you challenge discrimination?
  • What is harassment? What types of language and behaviour constitute harassment?
  • What tools support equality and diversity?
  • How should you use Equality Impact Assessment tools?
  • What are the needs of different groups?
  • What are the potential barriers to inclusion?
  • How can you foster good communications with colleagues, customers and partners?
  • How can you allay staff concerns around diversity?