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Effective Presentation Skills

Techniques, tips and tools for making effective presentations


A well prepared and audience-focussed presentation can make all the difference when seeking to win a key contract or to gain commitment to an idea or new project.

This practical workshop provides guidance on the core elements of presentation skills to enable you to present with greater skill and confidence. The workshop includes helpful advice about structuring & planning, effective presentation styles and techniques to make a positive lasting impression. This workshop is suitable for anyone required to make business presentations.

Participants are required to prepare a presentation in advance of the workshop which will be used as the basis for initial feedback.

Course Content


  • What are the characteristics of effective presentations and effective presenters?
  • How can you structure and plan a presentation?
  • What factors should you assess when researching your audience and venue
  • What sort of structure should you use for your presentation?
  • What should you include? What should you leave out?
  • How can you create impact?
  • How can you establish credibility?
  • What are the best way to open and close a presentation effectively?
  • What boundaries should you set for your presentation
  • How can you manage nerves?
  • When is it appropriate to use humour?
  • What are the techniques to use your voice effectively?
  • How to use silence? How to manage pauses in your presentation?
  • What are the techniques for using notes and prompt cards?
  • What visual aids and props can you use?
  • How should you deal with questions?
  • How should you organise team presentations?
  • How can you welcome constructive feedback?