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Project Management


Projects are a valuable way of structuring an organisation's workload, allowing efficient management of time, cost and quality.

This two day programme gives you a broad understanding of the principles of project management, exploring each of the necessary stages and equipping you with a set of practical tools.

Course Content

Understanding the concept of a Project

  • The difference between projects and operations
  • Management structures for projects and multiple projects
  • The life cycle of the project
  • Conflicts in the context of Project Management
  • Project terms and definitions
  • Scope and success criteria
  • Expectation management

The Business Case

  • Constructing the business case
  • Understanding the business context using Stakeholder Analysis, PESTLE and SWOT
  • Time, money and risk
  • Evaluation techniques
  • Investment and cash flow
  • Presenting the business case

Project Planning

  • Resources, activities and constraints
  • Tools for project planning
  • Tools and strategies for managing resources and time
  • Choosing suppliers
  • The Critical Path
  • Tools to assess the relative merits of multiple projects when identifying priorities
  • Change management and Force Field analysis

Control and Measurement

  • Developing and implementing a project management organisation
  • Tracking, measuring and evaluating progress
  • The concept of earned value
  • Managing quality
  • Defining success
  • Recording lessons learned
  • Post-project appraisal