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Remote Working


Remote working can be an efficient, cost effective and flexible option. But despite the benefits it can also presents many challenges. Employees may feel isolated from their colleagues. Managers may find it difficult to motivate their staff. Productivity and team work may suffer.

There are practical challenges too, such as creating the right workspace at the remote location, undertaking health and safety risk assessments and solving IT problems.

Through our Remote Working service, we will help you to identify the benefits and challenges for your organisation and workforce, equipping you with the skills and knowledge to build, manage and motivate your virtual teams.

Course Content

Definitions, benefits & challenges

  • What is remote working?
  • What management issues does remote working raise?
  • Building trust – from recruitment and selection through to day-to-day management
  • Defining the employment contract
  • Communications - from management to workers and vice versa
  • Knowledge management

The employees’ perspective

  • Requesting remote working arrangements
  • Maintaining personal and professional development
  • Issues of isolation

Personal safety issues

  • Lone working
  • Working at other sites
  • Meetings off-site and visiting people in their own homes
  • Travelling safely – walking, by car and using public transport
  • Being safe at home

The practicalities

  • The right workspace
  • Health and safety risk assessments for homeworking
  • IT and support
  • Additional home costs

Remote Working Workshops can be combined with Coaching and Personal Safety Seminars.