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Restructuring and Redundancy


Redundancy is a painful process – but often it is a necessary one. An effective redundancy programme can result in a business that is financially more robust and able to adapt to the needs of the marketplace. It is important, too, that the workforce feels re-energised and focussed on success. So throughout the redundancy process, the company needs to retain the goodwill of the staff. The process must be fair, sympathic and helpful.

This course gives straightforward information and practical techniques, and the redundancy process is illustrated with a case study.

Course Content


  • What is the legal definition of redundancy?
  • Voluntary and compulsory redundancy.
  • What are the alternatives to redundancy?
  • What selection criteria can you use?
  • How can you avoid discrimination in your choice of selection criteria?
  • What is a fair process? How should you manage it?
  • What are the stages of a redundancy process?
  • What sorts of resistance to change might you encounter? How can you deal with it?
  • How can you help staff through the change process?
  • What might be the impact of a failure to change?