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Managing Change

The need to change is vital for all organisations. Technologies are developing rapidly and organisations need to respond to the changing marketplace and the needs of their customers. Without change organisations stagnate and lose their cutting edge.

But change can bring its own problems. It may be costly. Team members may become anxious or resistant. Change can have unforeseen consequences.…

Managing Change


Our Outplacement Services can support your employees, whether they are moving on in their careers or staying within your organisation. Our people-centred approach helps to motivate employees and give them confidence…


Communication skills

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.

Both in our professional and personal lives, we spend much of our time and energy communicating with others, whether in person, on the telephone or in formal settings such as meetings or presentations. Communication is a vital part of our lives…

Communication Skills

Finance for non-financial managers

Company finance can often be baffling for the non-specialist. This course dispenses with jargon and helps to unravel the mysteries associated with the subject. By understanding finance, you will not only have the confidence to make sound financial decisions, you will also be able to manage budgets more effectively, which in turn can increase your company's profitability…

Finance for non-financial Managers

Gainsborough Training

The saying that employees are an organisation's most valuable asset has never been more true.

At Gainsborough Training, we recognise that employee development is vitally important for business growth and success, especially at a time when we’re all trying to do more with less.

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“We initially used Gainsborough as an outsourced HR function in a period of rapid expansion, having been recommended by the CEO of a previous client of theirs – so it doesn't come with a much higher recommend­ation than that!”

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