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Managing Hybrid Working


In recent times, you and your team may have spent more time apart than together. Maybe members of your team have been working remotely.

As your team returns to the workplace, you have an opportunity to reflect together on lessons learned, to talk to your teams, and to plan how the return will work in practice. This is an opportunity to reflect, review and re-set.

Workshop Contents


This is an opportunity to stimulate conversation among your team members. Here we can examine what does and doesn't work, how the team will work together when they are back in the workplace, their concerns and expectations.

Supporting Team Members

Some team members will be keen to come to the workplace whereas others may find a mix of site and remote working is best for them. Either way, it is important to get everyone into the right mindset. We will look at various approaches to conducting conversations, both with individuals and groups, preparing teams for their return to work.

Hybrid Working

Increasingly, there is a move towards hybrid working in which team members work both remotely and in the workplace. We will consider both the opportunities this offers and the potential challenges, and examine ways to promote team working, foster a productive work environment and maintain morale.