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Finance for Non-Financial Managers

“It sounds extraordinary, but it's a fact that balance sheets can make fascinating reading.”


Business finance can often be baffling for the non-specialist. This course dispenses with jargon and helps to unravel the mysteries assocated with the subject. By understanding finance, you will not only have the confidence to make sound financial decisions, you will also be able to manage budgets more effectively, which in turn can increase your organisation's profitability.

This is a straightforward, lively and participative workshop which is recommended for managers, budget holders and team leaders with responsibility for budgets and resources, or for employees requiring a greater understanding of the financial aspects of their organisation. The course can be adapted to use your organisation's own financial systems and accounts as a case study,

Course Content


  • Understanding the fundamentals of finance and budgeting
  • Making financial decisions and how they affect the company’s profitability
  • Understanding company reports
  • Managing financial resources — cash flow statements, balance sheets, profit & loss accounts
  • Understanding the budgeting process, planning and forecasting, negotiating budget funding and operating within a budget
  • Using financial information as a management tool