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Stepping Up To Management

Perhaps you are moving into a management position. Or perhaps it's an ambition.

This workshop introduces you to the skills and behaviours needed to make the move into your first management position.

You will learn about the role of a manager and, through the personal review process, you will gain a greater insight into your own abilities and mindset, identifying opportunities to enhance your current performance and approach.

By looking at the likely impact of moving from being managed to managing others, we will examine how you can prepare yourself for this shift in your work life.

Course Content

Manager Skills

  • The core roles and responsibilities of a manager.
  • The types of behaviour that managers should demonstrate.

Your Aspirations

  • Why do you want to be a manager? Reviewing your personal aspirations and motivation.
  • The personal challenges of transitioning from doing to managing.
  • How to get your first manager job: development, skill acquisition and modelling the right behaviours.
  • Identifying your transferrable skills; how to present them on your CV, job applications and at interview.
  • Your next steps.