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Finding Your Flow

Personal Organisation

We all want to do the best job possible, aiming for high standards and high volume. When we're in the flow, we power through our “To Do” lists – and it feels great.

But the reverse can also be true. When we lose our flow, we often find there's more to do than there's time to do it in. At these times, good doesn't feel good enough.

This workshop offer practical ways to understand the fundamentals of time management. You will be given an opportunity to consider your individual responses to work and to discover new strategies to move forward and find your flow. It is for anyone who wants to reflect, review or revise how they manage their time.

Course content

  • How we spend time and why; tools and tactics to help manage time.
  • Making priorities and achieving them.
  • Time bandits: identifying and dealing with them.
  • Making a time management plan; how our behaviour impacts on time management